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Generator - off grid continuous run - 60 kw - ng or lp

What is for sale: Generator - off grid continuous run - 60 kw - ng or lp
Off Grid / Continuous Run Generator - Stationary - Commercial & Residential (Can also be used as Standby)
60,000 Watts (60 kW) - 120/240 Volt - Single or Three Phase - Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP) Fired - Liquid Cooled - Auto Start
This Generator Comes in the Following Configurations:
Model VIR162329A - 120/240V - Single or Three Phase
Model VIR162329B - 120/208V - Single or Three Phase
Model VIR162329C - 120/240V - Single or Three Phase
Model VIR162329D - 277/480V - Single or Three Phase
This Generator is Available Without an Enclosure (please enquire)
* Tradewinds Commercial & Residential Heavy Duty 60 kW (60,000 Watts), 120/240 Volt - 93 Hp, 5.7 Liter, V8 GM Engine with Auto Start, Single or Three Phase Continuous Run or Standby Generator
* Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
* Output: 60 kW (60,000 Watts)
* Phase: Single or Three Phase
* Engine: 93 Hp, 5.7 Liter, V8 General Motors (GM)
* Engine Cooling: Liquid Cooled
* Fuel Consumption - Natural Gas: at 50% load: 486 / at 75% load: 615 / at 100% load: 726
* Fuel Consumption - Liquid Propane: at 50% load: 194 / at 75% load: 246 / at 100% load: 291
* Sound Output at Full Load: 74 dB at 23 Ft
* Transfer switches sold separately - Transfer Switches are available in 225 Amp, 400 Amp, 600 Amp, 800 Amp and 1,000 Amp configurations - please inquire with your requirements
* Enclosure Material: Marine Grade Aluminum. Doors are hinged and removable with keyed alike doors
* Control panel viewable through lexon cover
* Base: Mounted on steel sub-base with four vibration isolators, corner lifting eyes and opening for electrical stub-up. Operational single and dual wall fuel tanks for 12 and 24 hours operation
* Overall Dimensions: 91" L x 52" H x 40" W
* Please allow 21-30 days for delivery - this generator is built to order - all sales are final - stationary generator orders are non-cancelable and not returnable
* Note: Not available for sale or use in California - this generator has not yet been EPA approved for use in California
* Note: Standby generators require installation involving permanent outdoor placement, electrical wiring and fuel source connections. We recommend the use of a trained professional for final connections of gas and electric
* Notice: Enclosure design and esthetics are subject to change without notice - the features of the enclosure will remain the same through design changes
* 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Includes Parts & Labor) - All warranty work is performed in the field by the manufacturer
* Extended warranties are available which would cover this generator an additional one and two years - please inquire
All of our products are sold with at least a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty. If you receive an item that becomes inoperative within the manufacturer's warranty period, you will be required to exercise your warranty directly with the manufacturer for the repair or replacement of the product. We will not accept product returns which are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.
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Generator - off grid continuous run - 60 kw - ng or lp Generator - off grid continuous run - 60 kw - ng or lp