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3" tri-flo style sanitary air actuated valve pneumatic

What is for sale: 3" tri-flo style sanitary air actuated valve pneumatic
3" Tri-Flo Style Sanitary Air Actuated Valve Pneumatic
Used 3" Stainless Steel Air Actuated/Pneumatic Valve - 2 Way Valve. Good Working Condition. Made by G&H Products.
Phone: You can call us during regular
business hours at (***)-778-3883.
Chris Miller at extension 30 usually
Hours We Work: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday except holidays.
Although we do our best to respond
quickly, email and calls made outside
those hours will most likely be answered
the next day. If one of us is on-line after
hours and knows the answers to your
questions then we will respond right away.
This does not mean that the item does not work, it just means that we have not run this item in production ourselves and we don’t have the expertise to thoroughly test it.
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