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Golf torque measuring tool

What is for sale: Golf torque measuring tool
Check Torque consistency on a set of shafts.
This Machine will measure raw shafts as well as assembled clubs.
This clamping device allows for reversible tip measurements so Torque can
It comes with two sets of clamping shims, to measure shaft tips from .335 to .370.
The clamps can be positioned above the ferrule or closest to the head on the shaft
(Callaway as an example) to take assembled club Torque readings.
Utilizing the Lucas Anglestar Meter with the Lucas Accustar clinometer it is
Digitally accurate to .01 Degrees, with test standards based on 1 ft./lb. (weight is included with unit)
It can be adjusted to the height of your vise from 6 inches to 12 inches. ( Vise not included ).
A 2x4 block is included to hold the shaft tip from sagging, when the weight is applied to the Torque Arm.
Operates on a 9 Volt Battery, included with the unit.
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Golf torque measuring tool Golf torque measuring tool