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New precision carbide 15/64" (.2344) pcb bits-1CS/25EA

What is for sale: New precision carbide 15/64" (.2344) pcb bits-1CS/25EA
* Drill Bits Jobbers Reamers Router Bits End Mills
Abrasives* Specialty Aircraft Tools
* Nuts Bolts Washers Rivets
* Bargain Bin / Used Equipment
See my other listings for just about every size PCB bit there is. If you don't see it currently listed, just e-mail me.
All of the listings I have for PCB bits are for NEW bits. None are used. None have been re-sharpened. They are from the OEM in the original (most still factory sealed). There is nothing wrong with a re-sharpened bit if done properly, but how do you know that is what you're getting?
These bits can be used in Dremels and other high-speed drills, but they are generally meant for CNC equipment. See Warning below!!
Some brands have ring sets, some don't. We do our best to list exact brand and condition; however, some sizes have varying quantities with and without ring sets. If you require ring sets, BE SURE to specify this fact.
Due to the high RPM these bits are used at (30,000-100,000 or higher is common), their small size, and the brittleness of the material (even the slight wobble of an operator's hand will shatter one, as will accidental contact with most any object), they must only be used with extensive safety precautions, as a shattered drill bit can easily penetrate skin (and be an expensive mistake!). Due to their delicate nature, these bits should absolutely never be used in a hand drill, and even most moderately expensive drill presses will have too low of an RPM and too high of a chuck wobble to use these bits without breaking them. Any purchases of these products are made under the acknowledgment of these facts.
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New precision carbide 15/64