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R410A *yellow-jacket 2-valve r-22,r-404A &w/60"hoses

What is for sale: R410A *yellow-jacket 2-valve r-22,r-404A &w/60"hoses
For the A/C Service Technician
For decades, the YELLOW JACKETĀ® "Series 41" manifold has been the standard of the industry for both ease-of-use and durability. Ritchie is now combining this field proven manifold with larger, easier to read 3-1/8" color-coded gauges with cases made of rugged steel and polycarbonate crystals.
The refrigerant scales and pressure arcs are color-coded for convenience and the numbers are large for high visibility.
For R-22, R-404A and R-410A refrigerants.
Large 3-1/8" gauges with steel cases with Lexan crystal.
Bold, easy-to-read gauge dials with large numbers. Color-coded scales.
1% accuracy (Class 1) full scale gauges are easy to read. More accuracy for critical charging systems.
Proven sliding double "O" ring pistons reduce wear. Long life nylon seats.
Forged brass body for durability.
Full porting maximizes capacity and flow.
Full-size metal valve handles for easy operation.
Three PLUS-II 6-" Hoses, Red,Yellow & Blue
Most importantly, these gauges feature 1% accuracy over the full pressure range. 1% accuracy is important for critical charge systems where an exact reading is critical.
This manifold is designed for the air conditioning service technician who knows and appreciates the quality and durability of YELLOW JACKET products.
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R410A *yellow-jacket 2-valve r-22,r-404A &w/60