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"wavebrake" dual-water combo w/ downward press wringer

What is for sale: "wavebrake" dual-water combo w/ downward press wringer
RUBBERMAID "WaveBrake" Mopping System - Dual-Water Combo W/ DownWard Pressure Wringer
Promote a safer workplace. The patented, molded-in "WaveBrake" inhibits wave formation, which reduces splashing by 40%. Buckets stack, even with the wheels attached, for more efficient storage. Tested to exceed 50,000 cycles, the wringers are more than twice as durable. 30* handle bend is easier on the users wrist and shoulder.
Reduces cross-contamination: Unique "bucket-in-bucket" design separates clean and dirty water, which reduces cross-contamination potential and leaves a cleaner, less slippery floor. Generating less than one-tenth the noise of a traditional mop bucket, the Quiet Caster Dolly allows you to work quietly in noise-sensitive environments, day or night.
* Wringer Capacity - - up to 32-oz. Mops
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